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Hey Newgrounders! It's been a while, but my new album "Dark World Reset" is out ^-^


The album title references my first project I made 10 years ago, it was extremely amateurish, but I actually know how to do mixing and mastering now! It's kind of a celebration of how far I've come.

The whole record is a continuous mix, with sometimes progressive transitions as it would happen in a DJ set. I've started playing at bars and events too recently, and I love building mixes, so I wanted this record to feel like that, though it's more varied than a normal mix would be.

After "Let's Dissociate Together" I was focused on my music studies, work, and personal issues. I never spent that much time without releasing anything solo (There is that record with Noise Limit, and it's not even officially out for label reasons, but it will be soon).

After I improved on a lot of technical but fundamental aspects of my music, I didn't really know which direction to go. A lot of projects I started, I didn't know how to finish. Sometimes, life was hard enough that I forced myself to open the flp, but couldn't actually do anything. Weird times. But I made it in the end :)

I'm hoping to be more productive in 2023. I want to make at least a Speedcore album, an Ambient album, and more Psytrance and EDM too. Some remix albums and compilations may be coming too. And I'd love to take commissions for games, videos, rappers, and whatever.

Anyways, I'm currently uploading the album in here too. The Intro I uploaded the other day got 2000 views in here, what's up with that?? Thanks a lot, don't forget to listen to the rest of the project though haha

Some of you have been following me for a long time, and I'm really grateful for it, even though I have few interactions with you guys. Thanks a lot, to you and the rest of you discovering me now :) I hope you're all doing alright, it's not easy these days.

Happy Holidays ^-^

Listen to the album here!! https://etkmusic.bandcamp.com/album/dark-world-reset

But it's also on every streaming platform!!


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Available for Work

Music producer for hire!

Hey, I'm a music producer looking for people to collaborate with, preferably paid work. I do -and love to do- tracks on demand, with whatever constraint and specificity you need. I do a lot of different genres, from Ambient to Techno, Synthwave, Chillout, EDM, Chiptune, and even shades of Metal. And I'm getting better every day. I have collaborated with game creators on Newgrounds, other musicians and creators on Youtube.

And on my Audio page I have, to my knowledge, more tracks than anyone on Newgrounds ^^ (more than 900 submissions as of now) the best stuff I've made are my albums Northern Diaries (ambient, chillout, experimental..) and Cosmo Fury (EDM, Electro, Synthwave...) which you can find on my Bandcamp or Spotify :)

So if you need me for any kind of project (game, animation, another music project, your youtube channel...). Please feel free to contact me. Depending on what your project is we can discuss the price, but I usually offer cheap but professional work ;)

Hope to see you soon!