Entry #8

10 new tracks ! (3ON)

2017-02-12 07:06:19 by etK

3680536_148690112341_conv.pngHi everyone !

New installment of the "Eon" series, it's a compilation of 10 songs, all available in free download on this Soundcloud playlist :


I'm also uploading them here on NG, and I'll make a playlist there too when all of them are uploaded.

Anyway I hope you'll enjoy these tracks, I'm experimenting a lot of things in them, so, seeya :D


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2017-02-15 10:51:58

Your stuff is so awesome. I look forward to hearing you even years later I think
you have an entirely new take on music which is very rare.

Stay awesome! I just listened to 3 tracks of yours here I will check out your soundcloud now :D.

etK responds:

Wow I just answered your review, my day couldn't be any better :D It's so amazing to know that F-777 thinks I have a new take on music haha ! And this is not even my best stuff, merely a compilation where I try things. If you want you can check "Dead Migration" on my Bandcamp/Soundcloud (and fully on NG too I guess?) I think it's what I've done best ^-^
Anyway thanks again !!!

PS : If somehow, you wanted to make a track or something together some day, it would be... an honor :D